A 'Meridian Line' is an invisible line of longitude circumnavigating the globe.

It is also used as a term for the lines of energy that run through our bodies.
It is along these lines that Meridian Line formed – where our energy meets our wanderlust.

We like to think of ourselves as “the brand that’s a conversation”. What that means is we are constantly questioning our product, purpose and methods. How can we do it better? How can we make it smarter? How can every product stay true to the soul of our roots? We may not have all the answers, but we hope to propose the right questions.


We are about sunsets in the truck-bed at the end of a dirt road, exhausted and satisfied.
We are about that one last climb, wave, run or drawing before the day goes to sleep.
We are about protecting wild places with our voices and actions.
We are about dreams, dirt and burritos.


Photo by Michael Clark
Photo by Michael Clark

Artist Jeremy Collins has roamed the earth with sketchbooks in hand dumping his soul into the pages. It is in the fold of those pages that Meridian Line was born – from authentic travel and adventures as an exploratory rock climber and award-winning filmmaker and author. Jeremy’s passion is traveling to wild destinations using art as medicine, conduit and invitation to ask a universal question – how can art make the world better?


We have been fortunate to partner with many community events, brands and non-profits. 
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